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I have a very colorful past. I am not ashamed of it, I don’t apologize for it, and I’m not asking for sympathy.  However, I do like to use it to help others.

When people feel hopeless,  judged, and less than,  I understand. For some reason that surprises people. I’m writing this to introduce myself to anyone who finds themselves in a time of need or desperation. I get it, and I want to help.

So, here goes (a little nervous but feeling good about this). I was born to a mother and a father who liked to party. My mom had tubal ligation (tubes cut, tied, and burned) and 2 months later she couldn’t even talk the doctor into doing a pregnancy test when she said she had symptoms. 1 in 1000 women get pregnant after such a surgery… So was I mistake?

Mistakes are what make us great!! Mistakes get a terrible rep. Edison said

I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work

The world convinces us if we don’t get it perfect, we’re not living the American dream. We’re not obeying our “natural human” instinct. But why?

For all intended purposes, I wasn’t even suppose to be here. Yet here I stand as the woman I have made myself into. Or rather, as the woman my mistakes have made me in to. Recently I have had an overload of messages asking for help, and I am happy to oblige. However, anyone seeking me out should know some things about me.

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I never sugar coat. It’s not in me, and the world does not come in spoon full’s of sugar. I won’t ask for forgiveness for my brutal honesty, but if you truly want my help, I will not steer you wrong. I’m not always harsh though. While I will give the truth (easy or otherwise) it will be in your benefit. But why? Why do I care? If everything I went through was for nothing, then I am wrong, and mistakes do not make us great. I have told myself (and convinced myself) that I am my mothers greatest mistake!

I grew up rough, and my mother was a heavy drinker. I got high at age 14 for the first time with my mother and my 19 year old boyfriend that lived with us at the time. By then I had been molested by three of my mothers boyfriends. However, only one came to surface. When it did, I was told to tell my family I made it all up. So, I did. My mother had a hard time choosing men. They were abusive, addicts, alcoholics, and pedophiles. So should I hate her for all her terrible mistakes? Why? They all made me stronger. Without those mistakes, would I be here to help you today?

I made a laundry list of my own mistakes. My first husband was an addict, and heavily involved in crime. I stood by and pretended I was not aware or involved. For a while, I even convinced myself I could fix him somehow. I was terribly wrong. We had two beautiful children together and I can’t help but wonder if someone out there would call them a mistake? My oldest (now 17) even asked me once if I felt like he was a mistake. I told him that he was never a mistake, he was my miracle! Of all the fumbles and falls I made along the way, he was my GREATEST mistake ūüėČ Not really, I would never call my child a mistake. He truly saved my life. From the first time I held him I knew that everything in my world was going to different. 16, pregnant, no job, and not married. So many people said that was a mistake, yet here we are talking about the angel that saved my life 17 years ago.

I had no clue the struggle that awaited me. When I found out I was pregnant I went to work as a waitress. By then I had already failed 9th grade once, and skipped a year while my mother “homeschooled” me. I fought with my ex husband through out the entire pregnancy. He was in and out of prison so much that in the 5 years we were together, he was only free for half of that. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I made a decision that either I was going to let what didn’t kill me break me, or make me. In full transparency, it broke me for the next 10 years.

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For a long time I accepted my fate as prewritten. I was destined to be a baby mamma on Medicaid. I was the “ride or die” chick. I fought, I hustled, and I never thought twice about the damage I would cause. I’ve since made things right by those I wronged, but am I sorry I lived that way? Absolutely not! I want to be the light at the end of a tunnel for women who feel trapped by their circumstances, how could I ever do that if I didn’t go through the tunnel myself?

I was always good at school when I went. A’s and B’s came easily to me. I only dropped out because I was hard headed and my poor weak minded mother (there’s that brutal honesty I warned you about) had no chance of standing up against me. So, I made my own rules, and I did what ever I wanted with a huge “try me” sign on my forehead. I don’t blame my mother in anyway, because ownership is what made me a different person. The path of least resistance means blaming, excusing, and winning. I have no excuse for my actions, and they are no one’s fault but my own. Does that mean I should allow my mistakes to in-prison me? NO, my mistakes are what make me great. I am not sorry I made them if I learned from them.

I decided I didn’t want my kids to drop out like my mother and myself. So, I got my GED when I was 22. When I was 23 my ex husband was sentenced to prison for 20 years, and I was sentenced to chaos. What was I supposed to do now? All my plans and big dreams of being someone’s “ol lady” were crushed. Soon after, hurricane Rita hit, and we lost it all. It was the very best thing that ever could have happened to me. Mother nature ripped my life to pieces, and then she saved it.

I was displaced 9 hours from my home town. I was able to get on housing and I was working 3 jobs to support myself, my two sons, and my mother. I had even gotten to a point where housing was going to help me buy a home! But, I wasn’t ready. I was still making my great mistakes and sabotaging my own accomplishments. I was in a very abusive relationship at the time, and we got into a terrifying fight one night at the top of a bridge over the water. It was the first time in my life I thought I might actually die. I remember begging for my kids! I yelled out to God “I’m all they have, please don’t do this” as the grip got so tight on my through I felt something crushing. God heard me, and he saved me from that situation. Was it a mistake? Or is it the reason I will always value myself and my worth? Mistake are what make us great. Had this not happened, I would not have made the pivotal turn I made to become a different person. I say different, because who am I to say better? I will let God be the judge of that.

About a month later I met my husband now. He made me see myself in another light. He truly is a blessing, but what happens to those who don’t have someone to help them see the light? We’ve been together for about 9 years now. I have since graduated with honors form college and received my associates in Education. If I shared every moment with you (And I may in another blog lol) You would not have gotten to this point. This is where I tell you that if not for every awful terrible mistake in my life, I would not be who I am today. I have recently reached out to others like myself. Women who are finding themselves in a place they feel they may never get out of. Strangers, criminals, lost souls, or maybe someone who just needs a tiny push. I’m here for all of you.

I could have repeated history, and followed in my mothers footsteps. I could have allowed my fathers absence to continue to ruin all of my relationships. I could have taken every mistake someone made against me or that I made in my own blunder, push me into a completely different direction, but I chose not to.

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It’s not another corny line. It’s true! Everything in my life that I love most I had to work my ass off for. (I really don’t have a filter either. In fact, this is about the most filtered I’ve ever been) You can never quit, you can never give up, and you must never (at least not to me) apologize for your mistakes. (apologizing to make things right is another story) My point is this, if I can help, I will. Now, I am a full time working mom so I’m not always available. When I make myself available, know that I am stretched then and my time is precious. I believe God helps those who help themselves, and I don’t take excuses. I WANT to hear your stories! They are what brought us together. What I don’t want, and what I won’t tolerate is self pity. Even I am guilty, however you have to keep pushing! If you need to feel sorry for yourself, then you do so for a moment and then you get right back up and you keep pushing.

Never stare at the people around you and ask yourself “Why do they have that?” Ask yourself “what am I going to do to earn that?” This world will not coddle you or comfort you. It is not all terrible, but for the most part, it will not hold your hand. I won’t either, but I will guide you as best I can. As long as you understand that every decision you make in life is yours and yours alone. I don’t beat down your door and I can’t always respond right away, but I welcome questions. If there is anything I can help with, I always will! I’m not in this fancy top of the line life style. But I’m in a healthy family, with a comfortable living. Something I never knew was possible for “people like me.”

Please feel free to hit me up on social media anytime! I am going to work on some other resources for everyone, but if there is something in particular you need, even if it’s just to talk, I’m here.

Never apologize for being you and remember, mistakes are what make us great!

~ Melissa ~





Feel free to comment ūüôā

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No more giving back what you receive 

I am the number one offender that believes you get what you put out. But I see it as a two way street. I GIVE what I recieve, and I excuse by saying “but that’s what they’re giving to me and you get what you put out there!” But in my heart and my soul I know that’s wrong.  

I believe our God is a loving God. I believe He judges our hearts in the metaphoric sense and I believe He judges what NO man can touch…. our souls. Our minds and our flesh will always do us wrong.

When my enemy abuses me, lies about me, or puts me through stress I’m tempted to return the favor. At times my flesh wins. But my soul knows two wrongs will never make a right. Turning the other cheek is not about getting slapped to death! Lol… It’s about creating inner strength, building self discipline, and elevating your soul to another level of inner peace. 

Our flesh gets angry, feels hurt, and gains the urge to fight back. In my belief; that’s not what our loving Father wanted. His plan for us was love!! There are some down right rotten hearts and dark souls out there. Don’t give into them, let your light shine through the darkness. 

To my enemies thinking “who is she to judge?” Know this; It is my flesh that Judges, but in my heart I know I can not judge another human. This is why I can get over things so quickly. In my moments, I know I’m guilt, we all are. All I can do is apologize and ask forgiveness. Then try again to get my heart and soul aligned with Gods plan. 

For the snakes in the grass, just waiting for me to fail, I no longer fear you. You can not harm me. I stand strong, and I know my loving Father (my ONLY father) will handle you as he sees fit. It’s not my burden to reveal you (although my flesh likes to think it is).

Don’t let the enemy get to you friends! Stand strong, and embrace the fact that you are His child and He will protect you. Should you get struck and feel forgotten, don’t! If you survived the strike, the thank Him for His glory! For He has another plan for you and this is just onevof many lessons he needs you to learn.
Should you or a loved one get struck so hard your flesh expires, then it’s merely because He has an eternal plan for you far greater than what’s on this earth. You are beyond the deception of your own flesh. Your home! God does not take our loved ones as a form if punishment or to cause us pain. He has another plan for them in the heavens.

Pray with me,

Lord, let us all have peace with the pain our enemies have caused. Give us comfort in the knowledge that YOU and only YOU can handle our enemies the way a loving God would. Bless them, touch our enemies hearts and let us both see the good in one another. Show us the path to loving our fellow human.


I hope this helps you with anything you might be going through that woukd allow another person to effect you or your life negatively… give God the glory, and know that you are in the right hands. 


Today Is New

I often find myself focusing on the frustrations of yesterday. My past tends to mold my present. Today is about focusing on the here and now!

In order to make new things happen in my life I realize that yesterday can’t be a factor. Neither the wins nor the losses can effect my decisions today.

A history forgotten is a history repeated

Lessons I learn in life through failures and successes are tools meant to increase my abilities and achievements. This does not mean I should harbor my mistakes or glutton my accomplishments.

Personal Example:

In my past I was magnetized to the type of people my mother was attracted to. Wild, free spirited, overly reckless, and pretty much trouble. For years I allowed what attracted me to guide my life decisions. Over time I realized what I liked and what was good for my personal growth were not the same thing. So I started seeking out people with different mindsets and different goals. I found myself intrigued by a new type of person. Did I forget my past? No, because a history forgotten is a history repeated.

I simply retrained my mind. It’s easier said than done, but in time and with much practice anything is possible. What once attracted me now sets of an instinctual alarm. I now find myself attracted to gaining more knowledge more than I do any particular type of person. I remain open minded to all walks of life, but I surround myself with those who are not necessarily like minded, but add value to my life.

I actually find all people interesting and everyday is a chance to meet someone new, hear something different, and do something I’ve never done before! I no longer allow my past decisions to guilt me or take away from my love for diversity. Instead, I’ve let go of yesterday, but allowed the lessons learned to guide me through today.

The future is always unwritten. (At least that’s my belief) What I decide to do with today is what will matter most! I let go of yesterday, I live in the now, and I let my future be an unwritten adventure to look forward to!

May your day be filled with joy and greatness!




Married To The Kevlar

When people ask me what my husband does, I proudly respond “He’s a police officer.” I do so, because I can only speak for my husband when I say he brings honor to the badge. When I say my husband is an officer,¬†I get one of three reactions: The person will immediately bombard me with questions (This happens most often), the person will feel pity for me, or there is this rather awkward silence as if suddenly I am the one wearing the uniform and badge and the person in front of me just wants to make a run for it. ¬†My husband has been an officer for 5 years now, and I have become accustom to each of these reactions. I actually never wanted to be in a relationship with an officer. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think I could handle it, and I didn’t have the best idea of what cops really were. I (like many) thought they were just out there to get somebody in trouble for no good reason. Since my husband has become an officer my life has changed dramatically. I have a much better understanding of what it means to be an officer, and I am no longer married to my husband, I’m married to the Kevlar.

When people ask questions it’s pretty generic.

  1. Do officers really have a ticket quota? (no)
  2. Why do officers always say “Do you know why I pulled you over?” (No clue, according to my husband, he doesn’t say that lol)
  3. Did you see what happened to that officer in the news? (I always say no to avoid controversy, but I probably did)

Usually, there are other questions and I entertain them for about three to four questions and then I change the subject. Truth be told, I don’t like talking about it that much. I don’t mind telling people what he does, but why does that suddenly make them comfortable to ask things they wouldn’t normally ask people. “Are you ever scared he won’t come home?” “Has he ever shot anyone?””I bet he’s seen some pretty gruesome stuff, right?” As if I am on a talk show interview with no restrictions.

When my husband became an officer, I knew things would change. However, I made the decision to support his dreams and follow him through this path. His hours increased, and his patience became less. He comes home and tells me stories that no wife WANTS to hear. But you have to remember, I’m not married to my husband, I’m married to the Kevlar.¬†So listen intently and I never cringe. I just pretend it’s not him. It’s some other person in the uniform under the Kevlar telling me the story.

Everyday he walks out the door I make it a point to kiss him and hug him goodbye. As I hug him the cold hard Kevlar keeps me from being able to embrace him the way I want to. But with out it…. I just don’t know. So I hug my husband, the Kevlar, and I trust in God that they will both return. As he leaves I tell myself that my husband (The Kevlar) will get him home safely, and whatever the Kevlar can’t handle, God will take over.

When people pity me it makes me angry. Through all the media, the fear, the hate, and the anger I have learned to adore my marriage. I cherish it! It has taught me that tomorrow is not promised and that I have to live every single day as though tomorrow may not come. When he come’s home and the gear, and the radio, and the Kevlar come off, we hold each other tight. We love each other so much, and for anyone to pity that upsets me. He’s dedicated to his job, and there is true honor in what he does. No one should ever pity me for that, because it only brings me pride.

There’s a certain level of commitment¬†that officers have to the job that many people can’t understand. They are never off duty. What they witness, what they encounter, it stays with them. As the years go by, they become much like their protection…. Cold and hard. Their divorce rates are so high (in my opinion) because the spouse forgets that once they put that shield on they are no longer married to that person. As I pinned that badge on my husband for the first time, I knew I was saying I do to the Kevlar.

What keeps me strong? What gives me faith and hope? I know under that cold hard Kevlar is a big warm heart. It’s not an easy task to be married to an officer, but it’s one I am more than happy¬†to take on. He is our hero. He will always be the greatest man I’ll ever know. If that makes someone look at me awkwardly and want to run the other way, so be it! I have no shame in saying that I love a man who serves his community despite all the backlash. He never skips a beat when he puts on his badge, and even when he takes it off he keeps his oath.

So, when someone says their spouse is an officer try to hold back on all the questions. Try not to mention the news, and don’t run. They probably don’t have cuffs or a badge. Whatever you do, don’t ever feel sorry for an officers spouse. We are delighted¬†to be there for them.. And when I hang up his uniform, and his gear, and the Kevlar…. I sit on the couch next to my husband, cuddle up with him, and for an hour or so I get to be married to the man under the Kevlar¬†ūüôā

Success is taken, not given

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself”¬†

We will always be able to find a reason to give up. Failure is easy, and readily at our fingertips. Every turn we take may seem like a brick wall, maybe we¬†feel like we’re just running in circles. The truth is, we are a product of our environment, but we don’t have to be!

Success is ours for the taking if we want it. But that’s the key right there, we have to want it. We have to be willing to turn over every rock, jump over every hump, and not allow our environment to dictate our success level. If a person feels they have not reached their potential, GREAT! That means they are hungry, and that hunger is what’s going to drive them success.

I have never heard the winner of a race say “Well, I just took it easy, went at a comfortable pace and never pushed myself”. Remember that we are always our biggest competition. We need not concern ourselves with what anyone else around us is doing. You must focus on the person at your heels as you’re running your race. Glance behind you and it will be like looking in a mirror. If that person has recently failed, then run faster. If that person has recently succeeded, even better! Because now you have a REAL challenge. This means you’re about to achieve what you once thought was impossible.


Namaste my friends. Remember, you are the only one in control of you, and you are the only one you can control in this world. The rest is obsolete.

Were they taken too soon?

dthe trouble is, you think you have timeOften times when people pass away, especially when it’s tragic, I hear “They were taken to soon” or “Why would God let this happen”. This is an opinion, or a way of thinking. If we tell ourselves that someone should be here till past the retirement stage, then we are lying to ourselves. There are no guarantees on life. In fact, we’re not even given an exact expiration date. There are no promises as to when, where, or even how we will die. However, it is guaranteed that we WILL die.

In order to be able to accept death as a process in life, we must first be grateful for the life we have. If everyday is spent worrying about the days to come, then that person is¬†already dead. Until they learn to be thankful for everyday, all day, they will continue to believe that death is some type of “reaper” hanging over them. Death is unavoidable my friends, but it is not something to fear or even be angry about.

bible on deathI have an unorthodox view on religion that I will talk about another time. However, if you seek refuge in Christ, then you should know that even the Alpha and the Omega did not want us to fear this natural part of life. He did not want us to try to hide from it. He wanted us to live our lives in a way that when the time came, we would be ready and even inviting. This doesn’t mean we have to encourage or look for death. It simply means we don’t have to be angry with death. When we find ourselves angry with death we follow it with emotions like depression, hate, pain, grief, emptiness, and sometimes even violent emotions.

Anger, hate, and revenge does nothing for the dead. In fact, it only causes more pain to the living. If death brings you pain, and you in turn impose that pain onto others, then the dead are still dead. Nothing changes that. The reality of death does not have to be surrourevengended by negativity. It has been bred into us that when someone dies we should feel sorrow and anguish. We are conditioned to believe that when someone dies we have “lost” something. However, that person never belonged to us¬†to begin with. Their destiny or path if you will, has always been theirs. Yet, we claim some type of ownership over them, as if their departure was some sort of¬†intrusion into our own lives.

steve jobs on deathThe very best way to accept death, is to live life! Understand that eventually, you will know someone who dies, and they will know someone who dies. No human on earth is free of this knowledge. However, we can retrain our mines to stop focusing on the negative aspects of death and start focusing on the POSITIVE aspects of life! Death is not meant to be some depressing chapter in your life’s book. It’s meant to be THE END of someone else’s book. It doesn’t mean that we can’t revisit and reread that book over and over in our memories. It simply means that we have to continue writing our own chapters. This is the pivotal point in our lives where we can either let another persons circumstances decide our own personal lives, or we can rise with every new day and be thankful for everything that day comes with.

be thankfu;

I leave with this: Do not be thankful to be alive, be thankful for everything that makes you alive! If we continue to think about death as a criminal, we will waste our lives chasing the culprit . We have to accept death as natural part of life no matter how that life is taken. Death is not the enemy, we are. We have to continue to find new ways to “cheat” death. We are constantly trying to extend our lives rather than do something meaningful with it. No where in any belief have I ever read that we should suffer till we die. This life is inherently short, so make the most of it! Whatever happens, don’t let death define life. Let LIFE define LIFE!


Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

All things are possible through God. However, in order to see your dreams come true, you must combine your faith in God with your own strength and determination. I was in ninth grade when I dropped out of school in 1999. I never made it past the ninth grade. In 2001, went through the my local Texas Workforce Center and took GED prep classes. I then received my GED in 2002.

I simply walked into my local Workforce center and asked if they knew how I could go about getting my GED and they led me from there. I’ve recently learned you can pay for GED prep classes, however the classes I took were free and I would always suggest seeking out your local free options first. After doing some more research, it turns out that there is a new site called Region 5 Education Service Center. This is the program Texas Workforce uses for GED assistance and other education assistance programs. Once I received my GED, I felt like I was done. I thought that was the most I would do in life.

Flash forward to 2009, ten years since I’ve been in school, and my life had changed tremendously. My children were now ten and six, and I wanted to show them that their mother never gave up. I wanted to show myself! I chose a local 2 year state college. The prices were reasonable and the location was convenient. I had to take a test since I hadn’t graduated high school, but getting in was not very difficult. I was eligible for Financial Aid, scholarships, and grants. It wasn’t easy! But I refused to quit. This is when I learned my capabilities were endless as long as I was breathing.

With no high school education, I certainly felt like my challenges were greater than the young graduate students around me. I learned that in order to succeed I was going to have to get to know my professors on a personal level. I needed extra help, and I had to be willing to suck up my pride and ask for it. With determination, struggle, and a no quit attitude, I graduated in 2012 with honors and received my Associates in Education. You can never let your self doubt hold you back. In order to advance in life, you have to be willing to challenge yourself BEYOND what you think you are capable of.

I’ve always know that I was not alone in my struggles. There are many young women out there just like me. Who, like me, were¬†not raised to think about college. Growing up, I was under the assumption that everyone got government assistance. I had no clue it was a poverty thing. I learned at a young age how to “work the system” and I truly thought that was my only future option. There are many teen moms like me who are not pushed to seek out education. In order to get to where I’m at now, I had to turn my back on everything I was raised understand. I had to free my mind of all preconditioned ideas, and create my own independent view on life, my future, and now, my kids future. I knew I had a responsibility to raise them differently.

Breakthechain_zpsa9889784In order to do more, your going to have BELIEVE for a second that you can¬†do better. When they say “Break the chain” imagine the biggest chain your mind can foresee. A chain built for a 20 foot giant with two heads and an uncontainable temper. Now, imagine that you and only you, hold the purest sword made of finest metal on earth. This sword is your faith, your will, and your determination. Now, take that sword, and slice through that chain like butter, and now your FREE!

Once I removed myself from my friends and my family, I was able to decide my own future based on my own views. I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I challenged myself. The best part, is that I actually accomplished what I had convinced myself was completely out of reach for me. That new found strength has encouraged me to challenge others. Since I have done all this, it has been my passion to help other young women AND men get to a place of success instead of a place of comfort.

In comes Cristabell (seen in the featured picture). She is the first person who was introduced to me as a young woman who wanted to challenge herself, but wasn’t sure where to start. I certainly can’t take all the credit here. She absolutely had the willingness to get things going. She just wasn’t sure where to start. Together we have gotten her to a point where she is starting college this fall.

I couldn’t be prouder of this young woman. She was at college orientation in the picture above, and she has been on top of her game from day one. She texts or calls me with any questions she has and I help her as much as I can along the way. I’m honored to have met Cristabell, her baby, and her family. She has not allowed her current situation to destroy her. She has turned it into her motivation, and I can’t wait to update on her as time goes by!

I would like to extend an olive branch to any young person out there who feels they are capable of more, but just not sure where to start. I am open to comments or questions. I want to see the statistics change!

I believe that together, older parents who were teen parents and current teen parents¬†can make this change. Let’s build a better future for ourselves and our children!

Loneliness or Solitude

Often times I find myself feeling lonely, despite the fact that I’m surrounded by people. In my profession, I interact with people on a regular basis. We get to know one another, tell our stories, and share our thoughts. One would think this would fill a large amount of lonely space. Yet, I still find myself feeling empty inside.
      I wouldn’t consider myself a Buddhist by any means, but I often find myself referring to their knowledge and beliefs. I go through these periods where I like to remove myself from all social media. I find the mindless time I spend on social media can be easily replicated with REAL person to person interaction. It also requires people to seek me out.
     Admittedly, in my loneliest moments, this makes me feel better. It’s a bit deceptive if I’m honest. I know without a doubt, someone will need me. By removing myself from the easiest form of communication, I’m forcing people to console my loneliness without ever letting them know.
     Recently,  this didn’t work. I removed myself, and people sought me out, but it was in no way satisfying. In fact, it was the exact opposite. I found it irritating that people couldn’t just leave me alone. I wondered why I was feeling so “antisocial”. I started searching the Buddhist view on loneliness, and what I found shocked me.
SOLITUDE: For some reason this concept was foreign to me. With a husband who works 56 hours a week, a teenager, a tween, a preschooler, a full time job with over time, and a few other hats I like to wear just for fun, why on earth would I want solitude? Why would I ever want to stop running so much that my brain might actually catch up to my feet? What reason would I want to fill my ears with silence when I can hear cries, requests, and demands all day? It just didn’t make sense!
LONELINESS: Now here’s a feeling I’m all to familiar with. In a house full of people, and a job overflowing with people communication, I still found myself having days where I felt hopelessly lonely! Surrounded by the people I love, helping people the way I love to, and yet I could still feel lonely inside. Nothing about this made sense to me. So, I sought out some older and wiser visionaries.
I recently read an article written by Noah Tysick, an English professor at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. His take on it was very liberating. In a sense, I should not allow my loneliness to be my pain, but let it be my place of peace. I realized that I was annoyed because my inner self was requesting solitude.
I decided to embrace this new feeling of fulfillment without the need of human an interaction. I spent more time outside, closing my eyes and taking in the sounds. I even found less need to communicate daily with my spouse and children. Not to say I just cut them out, but I learned a new way of communication.
With this I was able to decipher what was important and what NEEDED to be said, from the monotonous action of speaking just to be heard. Once I really embraced solitude, I was even able to find small moments for meditation. As a mom and full time worker I never thought I’d find the time for that again.
Perception and attitude is everything when it comes to feeling lonely. I can either drown myself in the sorrows of loneliness, or I can bathe myself in the serenity of peaceful solitude. It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you respond.
To the readers,
I truly wish you peace in your life journeys. Be free of stress and anguish. Let my experience help you find your way to solitude, or encourage you to continue your path in solitude.


Solitude requires self discipline. I’m working on that ūüėĀ

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