Today Is New

I often find myself focusing on the frustrations of yesterday. My past tends to mold my present. Today is about focusing on the here and now! In order to make new things happen in my life I realize that yesterday can't be a factor. Neither the wins nor the losses can effect my decisions today.... Continue Reading →


Success is taken, not given

"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself"  We will always be able to find a reason to give up. Failure is easy, and readily at our fingertips. Every turn we take may seem like a brick wall, maybe we feel... Continue Reading →

Were they taken too soon?

Often times when people pass away, especially when it's tragic I hear, "They were taken to soon" or "Why would God let this happen?" These are not facts or truth statements. This is fear of the unknown speaking. If we tell ourselves that someone should be here till past the retirement stage, then we are... Continue Reading →

Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

Nothing is unobtainable until you decide to stop trying

Loneliness or Solitude

Often times I find myself feeling lonely, despite the fact that I'm surrounded by people. In my profession, I interact with people on a regular basis. We get to know one another, tell our stories, and share our thoughts. One would think this would fill a large amount of lonely space. Yet, I still find... Continue Reading →

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