Were they taken too soon?

the trouble is, you think you have timeOften times when people pass away, especially when it’s tragic I hear, “They were taken to soon” or “Why would God let this happen?” These are not facts or truth statements. This is fear of the unknown speaking. If we tell ourselves that someone should be here till past the retirement stage, then we are lying to ourselves. There are no guarantees in this life or in death.  There are no promises as to when, where, or even how we will die. The only thing guaranteed is that eventually we WILL die.

In order to be able to accept death as a process in life, we must first be grateful. If everyday is spent worrying about the days to come, then that person is already dead. Until they learn to be thankful for everyday, all day, they will continue to believe that death is some type of “reaper” hanging over them. Death is unavoidable my friends, but it is not something to fear or even be angry about.

I have an unorthodox view on religion that I will talk about another time. However, if you seek refuge in Christ, then you should know that even the Alpha and the Omega did not want us to fear this natural part of life. He did not want us to try to hide from it. He wanted us to live our lives in a way that when the time came, we would be ready and inviting. This doesn’t mean we have to encourage or look for death. It simply means we don’t have to be angry with death. When we find ourselves angry with death we follow it with emotions like depression, hate, pain, grief, emptiness, and sometimes even violent emotions.

Anger, hate, and revenge does nothing for the dead. It only causes more pain to the living. If death brings you pain, and you in turn impose that pain onto others, then the dead are still dead. Nothing changes that. The reality of death does not have to be surrourevengended by negative or depressing emotions. It has been bred into us that when someone dies we should feel sorrow and anguish. We are conditioned to believe that when someone dies we have “lost” something. Loss implies that the person belonged to us some how. Their destiny or path if you will, has always been theirs. Yet, we claim some type of ownership over them, as if their departure was some sort of intrusion of our own lives.

steve jobs on deathIn my opinion, the very best way to accept death, is to live life! Understand that eventually, you will know someone who dies, and they will know someone who dies. No human on earth is free of this knowledge. We can retrain our minds to stop focusing on the negative aspects of death and start focusing on the POSITIVE aspects of life! Death is not meant to be some depressing chapter in your life’s book. It’s meant to be THE END of someone else’s book. It doesn’t mean that we can’t revisit and reread that book over and over in our memories. It simply means that we have to continue writing our own chapters. This is the pivotal point in our lives where we can either let another persons circumstances decide our own personal lives, or we can rise with every new day and be thankful for everything that day comes with.

be thankfu;

I leave with this: Do not be thankful to be alive, be thankful for everything that makes you feel alive! If we continue to think about death as a criminal that has stolen something from us, we will waste our lives chasing a culprit that doesn’t exist. We must accept death as natural part of life no matter how that life is taken. Death is not the enemy, we are. We are constantly trying to extend our lives rather than do something meaningful with it. No where in any belief have I ever read that we should suffer till we die. This life is inherently short, so make the most of it! Whatever happens, don’t let death define life. Let LIFE define LIFE!



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