Today Is New

I often find myself focusing on the frustrations of yesterday. My past tends to mold my present. Today is about focusing on the here and now!

In order to make new things happen in my life I realize that yesterday can’t be a factor. Neither the wins nor the losses can effect my decisions today.

A history forgotten is a history repeated

Lessons I learn in life through failures and successes are tools meant to increase my abilities and achievements. This does not mean I should harbor my mistakes or glutton my accomplishments.

Personal Example:

In my past I was magnetized to the type of people my mother was attracted to. Wild, free spirited, overly reckless, and pretty much trouble. For years I allowed what attracted me to guide my life decisions. Over time I realized what I liked and what was good for my personal growth were not the same thing. So I started seeking out people with different mindsets and different goals. I found myself intrigued by a new type of person. Did I forget my past? No, because a history forgotten is a history repeated.

I simply retrained my mind. It’s easier said than done, but in time and with much practice anything is possible. What once attracted me now sets of an instinctual alarm. I now find myself attracted to gaining more knowledge more than I do any particular type of person. I remain open minded to all walks of life, but I surround myself with those who are not necessarily like minded, but add value to my life.

I actually find all people interesting and everyday is a chance to meet someone new, hear something different, and do something I’ve never done before! I no longer allow my past decisions to guilt me or take away from my love for diversity. Instead, I’ve let go of yesterday, but allowed the lessons learned to guide me through today.

The future is always unwritten. (At least that’s my belief) What I decide to do with today is what will matter most! I let go of yesterday, I live in the now, and I let my future be an unwritten adventure to look forward to!

May your day be filled with joy and greatness!





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