No more giving back what you receive 

I am the number one offender that believes you get what you put out. But I see it as a two way street. I GIVE what I recieve, and I excuse by saying “but that’s what they’re giving to me and you get what you put out there!” But in my heart and my soul I know that’s wrong.  

I believe our God is a loving God. I believe He judges our hearts in the metaphoric sense and I believe He judges what NO man can touch…. our souls. Our minds and our flesh will always do us wrong.

When my enemy abuses me, lies about me, or puts me through stress I’m tempted to return the favor. At times my flesh wins. But my soul knows two wrongs will never make a right. Turning the other cheek is not about getting slapped to death! Lol… It’s about creating inner strength, building self discipline, and elevating your soul to another level of inner peace. 

Our flesh gets angry, feels hurt, and gains the urge to fight back. In my belief; that’s not what our loving Father wanted. His plan for us was love!! There are some down right rotten hearts and dark souls out there. Don’t give into them, let your light shine through the darkness. 

To my enemies thinking “who is she to judge?” Know this; It is my flesh that Judges, but in my heart I know I can not judge another human. This is why I can get over things so quickly. In my moments, I know I’m guilt, we all are. All I can do is apologize and ask forgiveness. Then try again to get my heart and soul aligned with Gods plan. 

For the snakes in the grass, just waiting for me to fail, I no longer fear you. You can not harm me. I stand strong, and I know my loving Father (my ONLY father) will handle you as he sees fit. It’s not my burden to reveal you (although my flesh likes to think it is).

Don’t let the enemy get to you friends! Stand strong, and embrace the fact that you are His child and He will protect you. Should you get struck and feel forgotten, don’t! If you survived the strike, the thank Him for His glory! For He has another plan for you and this is just onevof many lessons he needs you to learn.
Should you or a loved one get struck so hard your flesh expires, then it’s merely because He has an eternal plan for you far greater than what’s on this earth. You are beyond the deception of your own flesh. Your home! God does not take our loved ones as a form if punishment or to cause us pain. He has another plan for them in the heavens.

Pray with me,

Lord, let us all have peace with the pain our enemies have caused. Give us comfort in the knowledge that YOU and only YOU can handle our enemies the way a loving God would. Bless them, touch our enemies hearts and let us both see the good in one another. Show us the path to loving our fellow human.


I hope this helps you with anything you might be going through that woukd allow another person to effect you or your life negatively… give God the glory, and know that you are in the right hands. 



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