Belive in yourself 

Every single one of us has a story. A reason to feel sorry for ourselves. Or a reason not to. A reason to feel weak or a reason to feel strong.  A reason to give up,  or a reason to keep pushing.

I have been through so much in my short 35 years of life. One main thing I’ve learned is that pain truly is a part of life. It’s our bodies way of letting us know we’re still alive!

The pain of life can make or break a person. It has made me into a very strong, caring, but conflicted person. I must carry on. No matter how bad it seems, I carry on!

I chose to get stronger with life’s trials and tribulations. I chose my determination and the empowerment within me to keep going! And I have all the faith of a mustard seed that I will succeed at something!

Don’t believe in yourself because you have to. Believe in yourself because it’s your choice! Believe in yourself without pressure of expectations. Just believe and know that your purpose is grand! Do it because….. why not?

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